The BCS Certificate Authority (CA) was established to allow for authentication and secure transmission of electronic data. Various certificate types are issued and more information on them can be found in the Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) and the Certificate Policies (CPs).

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The CPS is a detailed statement on the practices that the Certificate Authority employs in its operations and issuance of certificates.

The CP, on the other hand, indicates the applicability of a certificate to a particular community and/or class of application with common security requirements. For instance, a particular CP might indicate the applicability of a type of certificate to the authentication of web servers while another CP might detail the applicability of another type of certificate to the authentication of electronic data.

For more information on a particular type of certificate, please see the relevant CP.

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  CA Subscriber Agreement

A subscriber agreement has to be signed either between your organisation and BCS or where applicable, between yourself and BCS before you can apply for a certificate. Please contact the CA Administrator for more details.


The applicant has to contact the CA Administrator to make an appointment and register at the RAO Office at 5th Floor OCBC Tampines Centre Two (OTC2) with
  • Original and a photocopy of the NRIC or passport and
  • Completed Application Form CAForm01 endorsed by company's Authorised Person and
  • The Certificate Request File (Applicable to requests for VPN Gateway Certificates and other certificates that require organisations to generate their own key pairs.)

  Generation of Key Pairs by CA Subscribers

The organisation’s system representative has to generate and store in a CD-ROM a certificate request file in PKCS #10 format from the organisation’s VPN device / Web Server / Hardware Security Module etc. For VPN Gateway Certificate, note that:
  • The RCA and SACH OCA certificates in PEM format are necessary (download RCA and OCA CERT-PEM).

  • The Distinguished name of the Certificate has to be confirmed with the CA Administrator prior to generating the request. An example of the DN is " CN=XXX_BANK_GW_01, OU=001, OU=1111, O=SINGAPORE AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE, C=SG".

Please note that all applicants are required to read the CPS and the corresponding CPs.

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If you want to revoke or suspend or lift the suspension of a certificate, please fill in CAForm02 (revocation) or CAForm03 (suspension) and fax it to us from Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm. Please call the CA Administrator to confirm receipt of fax.

If access to your smartcard has been blocked, you can request to have it unblocked by filling in CAForm04 and arranging for an appointment with the CA Administrator. Please go to the RAO Office and bring along the smartcard, the request form and your NRIC or passport and a photocopy thereof.

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